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Between 2006 and 2008, Erwin initiated and developed the concept of an outdoor educational activity under the name “The Platoon Experience”. The idea was to create a Living History / Experimental Learning activity, based on the personal stories and the real experiences of Australian soldiers, fighting on the 4th of October 1917 in the Battle of Broodseinde. The project would run over the very same ground where the battle raged and was aimed at an international audience.

Erwin then approached the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917, proposing that they adopt the project which they did without hesitation.  During 2007 and early 2008, he spent two days a week, researching and preparing the detailed activities, with the support of the Belgian Ministry of Defence. Before launching the project, succesful test tours were organised with an English, a Flemish and an Italian International school.  He then did some fine-tuning and organised training for the guides.


Since then, dozens of schools and a number of adult groups have participated in this very succesful activity and “The Platoon Experience” is the core element of the museum’s educational programme. Based on his expertise, Erwin was contacted recently by a specialised UK company to advise them on a Living History / Experimental Learning project, as part of a feasibility study for a large tourist project related to the Western Front.


Erwin realises that different groups have different needs. Therefore, he is now developping  a new intra muros activity “On the Road to Passchendaele”, aimed at Flemish schools under the appropriate name “Op weg naar Passchendaele”.  A brief description can be found on the following subpage.



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