Op weg naar Passchendaele

"Op weg naar Passchendale"


Based on our experiences with “The Platoon Experience” project, and after lengthy talks with teachers, we identified the need for an educational activity within the school grounds themselves. In particular, it transpired that the age group 9 to 14 years, corresponding to the last three years of Primary School and the first two years of High School, was often overlooked in the the existing educational approach to the Great War.


This brought us to the decision to develop “Op Weg naar Passchendaele” (“On the Road to Passchendale”), a school project which will be an introduction to a number of aspects of war and peace, based on the theme of the Great War. The programme will be aimed at the 9 to 14 age group and will only be available in Dutch. The first test will run around 11 November 2013, probably in a school in Roeselare, Flanders. This page will be updated once the details of the programme have been finalised.



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