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How do you want to go “On the Road to Passchendaele”, or to any other area related to the Great War?

For most visitors, a coach is the obvious means of transport. However, this doesn't exclude other ways of discovering the former frontline. Maybe you'd rather walk or cycle to explore an area of interest? If you want to investigate a larger area, such as the main sites in the Ypres Salient or Messines Ridge, we can guide you in your car or we can use our own vehicle. We're happy to join your coach, or assist you to find a local bus company.

Some of our more spectacular tours in the past are testimony to our versatility. To name but a few: a Passchendaele-Messines 1917 interpretation by helicopter for high-ranking NATO representatives, a visit for HRH Prince Edward and another for a former Belgian First Minister, advising a writer of the Ypres Salient pages in the 2013 Michelin's Battlefield guide. … These are not everyday experiences though! To ensure quality tours, our company deliberately wants to remain small and independent. For individuals and small groups we will guide you ourselves. If you want to bring a larger group we can draw upon a network of qualified and experienced guides, built up over twenty years, who are ready to cooperate on tours for larger organisations or schools. Over the years we have successfully organised full day tours for up to 250 participants.

Please contact us before planning the details of your visit. Tell us your specific interests and we can then advise you on the best approach. With our local knowledge we may be able to suggest changes to a planned itinerary that will greatly enhance your tour.

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