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If more than a decade of guiding has taught us one thing, it is that every visitor has their own reasons for visiting the battlefields of the Great War. Some want to understand the general story (a challenge on its own), others try to retrace the steps of a relative, follow a specific military formation, are interested in some form of a Staff Ride, wonder why most of the main battles in Flanders were fought by soldiers of the British Empire or France (and not by Belgian Forces), are curious about the role of their compatriots in the “War to end all wars”.

Reasons enough for us not to simply offer “standard tours”. Yes, we do them, but only when we are sure this is what you want and need. So first, let's talk! However you want to discover the story of the Great War, we adapt.

Interested? Want to see where your relative fought? Curious about the distinctive role of the Irish, ANZAC, Canadian, Scottish, English or Welsh soldiers, amongst many others? Trying to understand the importance of the terrain? Speak to us and we'll suggest a tour for your individual needs.

Our company covers the British, German, Belgian and French areas of Flanders and the North of France including Arras and the Somme, with the Passchendaele and Messines areas being our backyard. Pricing follows the guidelines of Tourism Flanders and is very reasonable. Just e-mail
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