The context



Today, nearly 100 years later, many of the events of the Great War remain controversial.  However, discussion of these events often disconnects them from their historical context. Sometimes this is done by emphasising specific facts and ignoring others in order to promote a particular point of view.  On other occasions events are simplified to make them easier to understand or to explain.


For example, why did events get out of hand in 1914?  What were the reasons for conducting long and costly offensives such as the Somme and Third Ypres? Why did the Belgian King Albert I conduct affairs in his own way for so long?  How should we approach the “Shot at Dawn” issue?  Were colonial troops used with less concern for casualties?  What about the situation of the Irish in the Great War? How important were the language problems in the Belgian Forces and what influence did they have on the post-war period?

If you have a question on these or similar topics, never hesitate to ask. We welcome discussing them in a respectful way.  However, it is not our aim to direct you to a particular conclusion. We'd rather present some often-overlooked aspects as food for thought, leading to a more complete insight. We encourage groups and individuals to come to their own conclusions. If you go home with enough new thoughts for a discussion around the family table, or some useful post-tour reflection at school or in your organisation, our mission is accomplished!


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