• Name of Tartan:
    Passchendaele (Commemorative)
  • ITI Number: 6982
  • Category: Commemorative
  • Designer / Source: Ureel, Erwin
  • Date: 2006 July
Passchendaele (Commemorative)
  • Notes: Designed in 2006 by Erwin Ureel the Co-ordinator of the Scottish Memorial in Flanders campiagn to commemorate the involvement and deaths of so many Scots in this part of Belgium during World War I. The dark red is for the blood spilled and the subsequent poppies that sprang up. The brown is for the mud of Flanders. The green is for hope and the restored landscape and the black is in mourning. The red and black are also the colours of Flanders and of Belgium. Woven sample from Lochcarron.
  • Who weaves this Tartan?
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